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"I asked the universe for divine guidance, and the universe responded with an attunement with Julia Rogers Hamrick."

Attunements with Julia

Read what people say about their sessions with Julia.

Julia is a highly sensitive, intuitive channel with the natural ability to attune with your Spirit as well as your personality. Through this attunement, she is able to see your divine magnificence and discern how you are blocking alignment with your authentic power. She is also shown your next steps in clearing the way to a higher level of expression of that power. She shares these with you, and does as she is guided to empower you in taking them and moving forward from there.

A spiritual attunement session with Julia is an eclectic affair, tailored to your own unique needs. Simply being in the sacred space and holy energy of the attunement session provides healing and vibrational upliftment. Sessions usually also include specific energy balancing and healing activities according to your Spirit's guidance as to what will be most effective. Attunement clients report major shifts both during and after their sessions.

Julia is honor-bound by Spirit to empower you with input, not attempt to predict the future, feed you answers, or in any way usurp your Spirit's authority or your own self-determination!


Remote (long distance) attunements via the phone are remarkably effective. Julia is primarily available for readings during the afternoons and evenings (Eastern time zone) on weekdays. Weekend times may be available on a limited basis.

Please be advised that while Julia does her best to accommodate clients as quickly as possible, it can sometimes take up to a month or longer before she has an opening.


$222 for 60 minutes, $288 for 90 minutes

Prices include a digital recording of the session.


  1. Use our online form to set up appointment.
  2. Make payment online and receive phone number to call. (You will pay the long distance charges.)
  3. Call at specified time. PLEASE BE ON TIME. The time allotted for your session begins at the moment you are scheduled to call.

    Have ready any questions or issues you wish to have addressed. These questions may be about any aspect of your being: emotional, physical, spiritual, relationship, etc. It is possible that your energy will be calling for something different to be focused upon than that which you are conscious of, but Julia will do her best to address whatever needs are coming forth as a priority.  Be sure to be well-hydrated and have some pure drinking water with you during the session.

Payment options

Your credit card payment or personal check will hold your appointment. All payments must be received at least 24 hours in advance of session to hold appointment time, unless special arrangements have been made.

Cancellation policy

Payment for appointments not cancelled or rescheduled 24 hours in advance will not be refunded.

What People Say about Julia's Attunements

"I decided to invest in myself and do the 90 minute attunement session with Julia. I think it was a real turning point for me, who at 39, had hit a wall in my perpetual self-improvement quest. Julia really is amazing, with a sweet, gentle manner and a patient and caring vibration that carries right through the phone lines. She was able to help me sort some things out and get to the heart of the matter, which I have been able to continue on my own...her guidance and feedback were invaluable, and I highly recommend it to anyone thinking of doing it!"

Rachel Smolich,
Elk Grove, CA

"Thank you Julia for a great hour. I didn't realise so much peace and love could be transmitted by telephone across the Atlantic ocean. I was amazed how well you were able to understand me without knowing anything about me before the call. You said a few things to me that have made a real difference in my day to day life since and improved my ability to live in Easy World and have things happen effortlessly. As a result my stress has reduced from 90% to 10%...good going for a one hour call! I am really excited about exploring the new areas of learning and future career options that we discussed...And I have to say thank you to Rick too for his wonderful service in helping me overcome the technical difficulties on my system so that I could download the recording afterwards."

Mary H., Ireland

My Attunement session with you was amazing, Julia, and I got even more than I had hoped for! The information you had for me was extremely valuable and accurate. You helped me get a better understanding of, and put words to, the new healing work I'm doing. It feels like you've unlocked a few doors for me in my own personal healing journey as well as my work. I really appreciate you and what you do.

Peace, Love & Light,
Brenda MacIntyre, Medicine Song Woman

"Wow—what an amazing hour. I felt so safe and cared for during our session. Thank you for walking down that long (old) path with me and recovering the Truth along the way. Like brave adventurers (hand in hand with Spirit) we journeyed (through the mud) and got to the root of Life and found it alive and well. It feels like I could write reams and reams about this journey inward. I know that our time together has permanently shifted very old patterning that was worn "like a coat" for a very long time. That removed, it will be so exciting to journey into Life anew. I feel so much gratitude, Julia, it is hard to fully express."

Beverly B.

I just want to express how happy I am to have found you, Julia. Your class has been both enlightening and inspiring, and the attunement was a remarkable experience. I have never met anyone quite as intuitive as you are. It’s as if you could read my mind.You bring such wonderful energy, insight and passion to your work. I will definitely be back for more!

Jill G
Rockville, MD

Being with Julia is like finding a pot of pure gold. I cannot recommend her enough. If you truly want to wake up and smell the sunshine and start soaring in your life then spend some time with Julia. You will be so very glad you did.

Joy Balma

If you feel at all led (or even wonder if you may be feeling led) to work with Julia, don't miss the chance! In an hour she helped to diffuse my life's single greatest source of pain and a primary block to fully claiming power and happiness. For 49 years I raged, cried, prayed, counseled, went to Radical Forgiveness classes, role played...you name it. Now the emotional charge is FLAT. I feel the weight of a life-long turmoil lifted away.

Julia was prompted by Spirit to say, "Tell me about age 4..." "Now, let's go to age 8.... " I already knew exactly why both of those were hot-button ages for me - but Julia had no idea when we started that there would be any specific ages. I would have had notes on my list if one of my main goals had been to talk about that childhood relationship. The "WOW" part is that I was asking Julia about a totally different, more recent relationship. I said, "It probably ties into my relationship with xxxx..." And Julia's Guide immediately took us to a healing place. My recent pain was another facet of the old, life-crippling hurt.

I'll confirm other comments that Julia will work with you in a loving, open, compassionate and humorous manner. Basically, she'll demonstrate God's love for you...to you.

Rebecca J.
Dallas, TX

“My attunement with Julia was MIND BLOWING. She is a wonderful soul and really cares about people. I was so excited to not only receive confirmations of what I had been feeling, but also some wonderful new insights into my relationship. Julia was extremely patient with my questions. She has a wonderfully allowing energy about her. She guides and at the same time lets you know that you are always in control of your destiny. I look forward to my next attunement with her!”

Shama Hyder

The attunement I had with Julia has helped me make a profound change in my life. Even over the telephone she was able to connect with my guides and between them they were able to help me understand how hard and strict I have been on my self all these years, and how perfect I thought I was supposed to be. In these past couple of weeks I have been able to live a life that feels joyous and free, instead of a life filled with shoulds and should nots. After reading her book which is wonderful, I have realized that I am able to connect with my higher self and guides just the way Julia did, and in doing so I am able to raise my vibration and frequency. This world and life looks so much brighter. I actually feel like I belong here. I now know that I have chosen to come here at this particular point in the Earth's spiritual evolution in order to experience a joyous life because I deserve it. My goal now is to be able to help others remember joy as well. I can not thank you enough Julia.

Noelle Brighton
Vancouver, Washington

The attunement was very powerful for me in that it helped me to feel re-connected. I no longer feel as if I do not belong here, as if I am all alone, unable to relate to others or just depressed and angry for no particular reason. I now feel more forgiving and at peace with people and my entire environment — I just feel so much stronger and in control of my life and accepting of things I can not control. My depression is gone and I feel so much more love and compassion than I did before. The attunement gave me a real thirst for more knowledge about the spiritual realm and how to become even more in touch with the divine. Before the attunement I always wondered what my purpose was. Now, the primary goal of my life is to learn as much as possible and to help others by finding a way to share that knowledge, the energy and help others to tune into divine guidance.

I cannot tell you how grateful I am to you. I would encourage everyone to get an attunement with you, Julia.

Teresa Ethridge
Pine Grove, Colorado

My life has not been the same since the attunement...no, wait — I have not been the same! I remember once in a teleseminar you said something about how emotional healing doesn't have to take long time like months or years to heal, and I never really understood that statement until doing an attunement with you.

Even now, a week and a half later, I can still tap into the energy we shared, and it feels so good. I cannot speak on how incredible and transformational the attunement was without feeling like I am falling short of explaining the actual experience. I would recommend an attunement to anyone that wants to heal pain, change their life, and move into the light to experience more joy — because that is what it did for me! Thank you so much!

Deah R.

“I was in deep emotional distress when I called on Julia for help and she immediately tapped into my inner child really needing to be heard. She was completely on target and the assignment she gave me immediately released blocks that were buried so deep that it was, in fact, an instantaneous profound inner transformation for me. I went from crying to JOY, and am eternally grateful to Julia for her keen spiritual awareness. I truly recommend her attunement sessions for pure guidance that leads to authentic and lasting personal transformation. She is highly connected to God, and works purely from her heart!”

Barbara Rose, Ph.D.

Behind chronic weakness or seeming disability is a message of love and wholeness that needs to be received and a healing force that needs to find its place. Julia helped me. She simply looked into my eyes with great love, understanding and deep listening. Each time I remember the experience, I am back in that feeling of spaciousness and knowing.

Marilyn S.
Winston-Salem, NC

My attunement with Julia offered a true learning experience that was as enjoyable in the moment as it was enlightening! My intention upon entering the session was to learn techniques to help me bring more light energy into my recreational and healing work with seniors, as well as tools to help ground me and release any "gunk" that may be expelled during this work. Julia taught me three different techniques involving a blend of breathwork, energy direction, and visualization, and reminded me that I am truly a healer and need only to reconnect with my powerful abilities to fulfill each of my stated desires. Through her guidance, I have been able to tap more deeply into my own well of healing energy, share this inner light more brightly with my clients, and continue to protect, honor, and nurture myself in the highest ways. Thanks, Julia!

Catharine S.
Greensboro, NC

When I had an attunement with Julia, she touched on some really core issues I was dealing with at the time. It hit home very much. Julia really gave me the clues to keep my frequency high so life doesn't manage to knock me sideways.The most incredible "after effect" of this attunement happened three days later. I woke up at three a.m., and I felt the most incredible feeling of ecstasy and well being I have ever experienced in my life. I felt in tune with all that I was, so undescribably happy and content, I still marvel at it today. I fell back asleep with this incredible sense of rightness, awoke about two hours later, still with this feeling, although slightly diminished. I felt as if I had someone opened my heart and mind to the greatness of all that is good in the universe. This is a feeling that cannot even be described by words. I am convinced this was a happy side affect of my attunement with Julia.

Elaine Warfield
East Jewett, NY

I asked the universe for divine guidance, and the universe responded with an attunement with Julia Rogers Hamrick.

Julia carefully listened to me state my intentions for the attunement, and after focusing us into the heart center and calling on the nurturing energy of Mother Mary, began the work of connecting to the images and insights that would deliver the reassurance and advice for which I so longed. Using both imagery and straight-forward, practical advice, Julia addressed each of my questions related to my career, life purpose, relationships, and health. The more I revisit our conversation, the more I find clarity to my current situation and inspiration to create a healthy, happy, love-filled life.

I deeply appreciate Julia’s ability to connect with Spirit and in turn serve as a Guide for living life with “ease and joy”.

Georgia G.
Clinton Township, MI

I so enjoyed the attunement with Julia. It was such a warm, no-nonsense experience. She clearly helped me to see the hidden aspects of ego and how ego can masquerade as God. She tapped into how I feel so responsible for everyone else's happiness and sabotage my own and to see that this, too, is an ego trap. I was released from ego for that moment, and had the lovely clarity, the experience of being aligned with God and life in this new way. Everything is ok. It's interesting that each time I listen to the recording of it, I hear something I hadn't heard before. There is still much there to take on board and into my life.

Mary D. Dublin,

Thank you soooo much for the attunement. I really felt as though you "tapped into" what was going on with me! You hit the nail on the head. You were so on target in describing me and it all made sense. I also loved the visualizations that you had me do - they were amazing and felt perfect for what I need to be working on right now. After my attunement session with you,  I could see the BIG picture and how this integration process was manfesting itself as the physical problem that I have been dealing with. It all made so much sense and all the pieces of the puzzle fell into place for me. Thank you, Julia, for shining a light into a dark room for me! 

Mitra S.,

Julia's attunement session was truly illuminating. I have no doubt that she had established a very open channel of communication with my guides. Her observations helped me to clearly see the next steps along my spiritual journey. The experience was invaluable.

Erin Lewy
Boston, MA

I stumbled upon Julia and was blessed to have an attunement with her. There are no accidents. The message that Julia had for me was so poignant, so timely, and so right on. It is a blessing to spend time with her, I recommend it.

Jillian W.,
Costa Mesa, California

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