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The New-Paradigm Key to Successful Goal Setting: Align With the Design
As you set your intentions and outline your plans, you must remember that times have changed. It's a whole new world—one based on Easy World, the world that Love creates. The new paradigm requires a new approach. Don't set another goal without first reading this article!
Is Anywhere Safe These Days?
Can we be safe in these days of seemingly random violence? There is a safe place, but you have to know where to find it and how to get there. This article tells you what you need to know.
These Are the Times We Are Made For
Make no mistake: these are the times we were made for. And you have everything you need to move through them with ease. The old is making way for the new in the consensus reality, and all we have to do is...
A World Without Good, Please!
Good is bad (well, sort of). When it comes down to it, there's really not a lot of difference in good and bad - both of them are problematical if peace and harmony are your desire.
How to Change Your World Instantly
You have the power to easily and immediately change your experience so that the reality you're perceiving is one you will like and enjoy more. Learn how to uplift your world in only 10 radiant seconds!
A Truly Transformational Question
Find out the question, and the higher understanding within it, that turned things around for me when I encountered turmoil in almost every area of my life. It can help you move through even the most stressful transitions with a minimum of angst if you allow it to.
Desires and Lies: Recognizing the Lies That Keep You From the Fulfillment of Your Desires
Your heart's desires are already yours, but there's something standing in the way of you seeing that. Once you understand what and why, you can claim the abundance that Spirit has in store for you!
Easy World: A World of Solutions, Part 1
The amazing problem-solving, healing power of Easy World is extremely important for those of us living at least part-time in Difficult World.
A Vital Understanding in Creating An Abundant Life - Nobody Deserves Anything
Is the notion of "deserving" serving you? The Source of All does not care even a tiny bit how virtuous, hard-working, or long-suffering you are. Source never withholds energy of any kind for any reason. So who is restricting the flow of abundance into your life?
Easy World: A World of Solutions, Part 2
The amazing problem-solving, healing power of Easy World is extremely important for those of us living at least part-time in Difficult World.
Don't Be Fooled by the Shadows: Stay Focused on the Light
Conditions in the world may be looking pretty messy about now, but that's actually cause to celebrate! Read Don't Be Fooled by the Shadows: Stay Focused on the Light, an excerpt from Recreating Eden by Julia Rogers Hamrick.
Three Hallmarks of Spiritual Maturity
When you reach a certain point in your spiritual maturity, you demonstrate more of the characteristics of enlightenment. What are three of them?
Conspiracy Theories and Fear: What You Focus On, You Empower
Are there evil ones out to get us? That's none of our concern, really! See why focusing on conspiracy theories is the last thing you want to be doing if freedom for all is your desire.
Consciousness and Vibrational Frequency: A Primer
When you understand the relationship between vibrational frequency and your perceptions, you will see how to experience more of the wisdom, creativity, and power of Source. When you put this knowledge to use, your life will be transformed!
Spiritual Growth Strategies: Three Simple but Extremely Powerful Practices That Raise Your Vibration
Raising and maintaining your vibrational frequency is the key to true spiritual growth. While our egos would like for us to run here, there, and yon looking for the exotic techniques that will bring us enlightenment, the truth is that the way to enlightenment is not found in esotericism-it's in the simple choices we make that raise or lower our vibration, and thus, our experience.
Easy World or Difficult World for the Holidays?
For so many of us, the holidays have become a season of one obligation after another. Of doing too much and being resentful, stressed out and exhausted. Of maintaining rituals and traditions that have lost their meaning. Basically, the holidays have become celebrations of Difficult World! But they don't have to be...
Swine Flu: Three Powerful Reasons to Be Fearless
With so much fearful output by the media around Swine Flu, it's important to understand the cost to us of buying into the fear is high, indeed. See, from a perspective of vibrational frequency, why fear is not only counterproductive in this situation, but totally unnecessary!
Power Tool: Honesty
Who cares if being dishonest is morally and ethically wrong?! Find out the real deal on honesty
Your Spiritual Wisdom: Why Can't They See It?
Baffled that your spiritual advice sometimes falls on deaf ears? Understand the vibrational reason why.
Vibrational Frequency: Ten Signs You've Raised Yours
Measuring your spiritual growth in objective terms is impossible, but if these signs are present in your experience, you know you've made significant progress! If you are experiencing any or all of these symptoms of being at higher-vibrational frequency, celebrate!
What To Do When Your "Stuff" Comes Up on the Way to Enlightenment
When you are opening to a greater influx of Love and Light, that's often exactly when your "stuff" comes up. Learn why this happens, and what to do when it does so you can move back into clarity and joy.
Why Don't You Just Give Up? An "Instant Frequency Booster"
When you realize your know-it-all ego really doesn't know it all, and you're ready to release your struggles to the aspect of you that can actually sort them out for you, just remember "I give up!"
Radiate Love: It's Your Job and It Comes With a Lot of Perks
In addition to the many diverse talents human beings are endowed with for achieving their individual purposes here on Earth, there is one role that every human is designed to play, and with this role comes rewards beyond measure.
What You Think is Wrong With You May Be Something Right!
What if your weaknesses...aren’t?! The characteristics you’d most like to change about yourself might just be pointing to your strengths! You owe it to yourself to take a look at the things you don't like about yourself through a new lens.
Respecting the Spiritual Sovereignty of Others
Having trouble minding your own (spiritual) business? We all want to expedite other people’s journeys sometimes, especially when it’s so clear to us what it is that they need to do to fix their problems. See why the Divine Design makes this an impossible mission.
Three Super-Fast, No-Equipment-Required, Frequency-Raising Techniques
Feeling a little down? Here are a few powerful, always-doable “tricks” for shooting your frequency up in a skinny minute!
Synergies: Honoring Their Dynamics
When we aren’t mindful of the energy entities we create when we are together, we can go from ecstatic to deflated in a hurry. But when we are mindful and honor these as the sacred synergies that they are, we can set them free to bless all Creation.
Inner Unity: The Vital Importance of Integrating Your Inner Feminine and Inner Masculine
Until your inner feminine and inner masculine are working together in the sequence they were designed to follow, your life may be full of lofty ideas that never manifest, or lots of busy work, devoid of meaning. When these aspects of you are integrated and working together to achieve your purpose on Earth, joy and fulfillment will follow!
Seeking Peace? Seek Joy Instead!
How is peace achieved? If you think that world peace is an important and noble goal, but you've always felt a little guilty because the idea of peace doesn't really get your juices flowing, this article is for you!
The Solution to Your Problems: Rise Above the Trouble Zone
There is a reality matrix where trouble cannot exist and you have access to it! If you are encountering problems of any kind, you simply need to leave the realm of problems behind and rise up to the trouble-free zone.
Expectations: Letting Go and Liberating Yourself and Others
When we invest our precious life essence in honoring the ego expectations—either real or imagined—of self and others, instead of our own inner guidance about what is most perfectly in harmony with the Whole, we remove ourselves from the flow of Love/Life Force, and end up depleted and at lower frequency. If we honor our own energy autonomy instead, we liberate ourselves and others!
Non-Resistance: When Spiritual Wisdom Escapes You, It's the Way to Go!
Have you ever had the experience of being in the midst of one of life’s challenges, and suddenly realizing that whatever spiritual wisdom you might have gained over your years of conscious spiritual growth has apparently deserted you? Learn the one thing you must do—and what you must not do—to reconnect with your spiritual wisdom.
Forgiveness: Why?
Forgiveness is not a magnanimous act—it is something you do for YOU. The refusal to forgive is simply a refusal to empower yourself!
Earth Changes and Fearful Prophecy: Changing the Channel
If recent Earth-shaking events have you worried about the future, it's time to shift your focus and empower a different possibility. Your future—and, indeed, your present--depend on it!
Essential Oils: 14 Characteristics That Make Them Indispensable Today
With new pandemics such as “bird flu” in the news, and reports that vaccines are ineffective against them, it is especially reassuring to know that the Creator made provisions to protect and care for those who look to nature for answers.
Vocal Toning: Discover One of Your Power Tools
If you had an easy-to-use tool that could quickly and effectively center and balance you, align your awareness with your God-nature, heal your body, release blocked emotional energy, accelerate your spiritual growth and transformation, assist in manifesting your dreams and much more, AND—it was always with you—you’d use it, wouldn’t you?
Choosing Joy: Why and How
Are you at home in joy, or is joy just a place you visit from time to time when the stars align and conditions are somehow just right? For far too many of us, joy is less like home base, and more like an infrequently visited vacation place, which we think of wistfully and longingly during the emotionally turbulent trials and tribulations of Earth life. But according to the way you are designed, you are intended to live in joy...
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Ego or Higher Self: Who's Behind Your Decisions?
There are two primary sources of input in your decision-making process. Understanding the motivations of each is key to making choices with the most beneficial outcomes.
Ego, Duality, and Paradise (Why You Can't Get to Paradise on an Ego Trip)
If you’ve been on a conscious spiritual journey for any time at all, you have likely figured out that there is an aspect of you that is working overtime to keep you out of Nirvana. That pesky entity is none other than your ego.
Essential Oils and Aromatherapy: Raise Your Frequency with These Divine Gifts
We have been provided with many amazing tools to assist us in raising our frequency higher so that we can emerge from the turmoil of duality into the harmony of the Oneness Matrix, and one of the most powerful of these is aromatherapy, utilizing therapeutic-grade essential oils. Inhaling pure, natural essential oils raises your frequency easily and joyfully! How? We’ll explore that…
Instant Frequency Boosters: 10 Fast and Simple Ways to Raise Your Vibration
When you're feeling "low," or out of the flow, it's a sign that you need to raise your frequency. Here are 10 quick and easy ways to to lift yourself back to the joy space again!
Psychic Sponge Syndrome: The Easy Inner-Centrifuge Remedy
Taking on other people's psychic energy can wallop you and sap your energy, but there's a simple way to clear it and revive yourself!
Save the Planet with Your Joy!
What if the way to raise the planet out of turmoil is not through suffering and sacrifice, but through joy?
Self-Acceptance: Key to Transcending the Duality Matrix
Your lack of self-acceptance is hurting you more than you may know!
Spirit's Language: How to Tell Who's Who in Your Inner Conversations
Your Spirit is continuously beaming communications to you, but so is your ego and other lesser aspects of your psyche. How do you know when the input you're getting comes from Spirit, and when it's from a part of you that will steer you wrong?
Surrender, Complete Healing, and the Garden of Eden
When your back is against the wall, the most powerful strategy is to surrender. I know, because when I was at my wit's end trying to find my way out of a rapidly progressing, crippling disease, I gave up my struggle, and found myself in Paradise!
The Woodstock Effect: And We've Got to Get Ourselves Back to the Garden
Joni Mitchell's "Woodstock" detonated an internal time bomb of sorts within humanity. Did her lyrics--and the event itself--have a subliminal impact on you?
To Raise Your Frequency, Just Turn on the Joy!
Joy is the feeling response to higher frequency. To attain higher frequency, you can decide to feel joy and turn it on!
Unconditional Love Really Means Unconditional Radiance
There is one job that all of us were designed to do, and when we do it, we are guaranteed to rise in frequency and experience more harmony and joy—and make a profound impact on the rest of humanity, too! Most people think this job is impossible, but they just have the job description wrong...