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Here's a selection of special files and reports free from Julia.

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Download a recording of Julia's October 27, 2009 Spirit Answers teleseminar. This was the first in a series of teleseminars called "Spirit Answers" in which Julia provides her Spirit-guided perspective on questions submitted to her by people seeking addtional input about issues on their minds.

Read Prime Principle: The Law of Harmony, Chapter 2 of Julia's first book that many LOA-savvy folks have said finally connected the dots for them about the Law of Attraction.

My Decree of Surrender & Empowerment: One of Julia's most beautiful mini-posters featuring one of her most powerful decrees for you to use when you need to come back into alignment.

Special report: The Eight Inner Lies That May Be Keeping You From A Life of Joy & Fulfillment (Exerpted from Julia's upcoming book, Choosing Easy World)

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