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Julia's popular teleseminar series has yielded energizing, thought-provoking audio recordings that will help you in your quest to experience greater ease and joy. Use the controls with each description to listen to samples.

Order two or more of our mp3 downloads, and get them for $5.00 each. Use the voucher code AUDIO-DL in the shopping cart to take your discount when you order multiple mp3 downloads.

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A Simple Matter of Allowing: the Whys, the Whats, and the Hows of Allowing Your Blessings to Flow
Your heart's desires are ready to flow into your life if you will but allow them to. In this teleseminar, you will learn what true desires are, find out what is holding them back from manifesting in your life, and how to let more and more of them in. Open the floodgates to the abundant divine blessings that are eager to show up in your experience!

A Simple Matter of Allowing
(sample length: 100 sec.)
$6 downloadable MP3

Vibrational Management Basics: How to Embrace Your Emotions for Higher Vibrational Frequency
Your vibration and your emotional state are intimately related. The higher your vibrational frequency, the happier you feel, the wiser and more creative you are, the more supportive of joy that which you create will be, and the easier life is. But what to do about those pesky "negative" emotions and blockages that seem to be standing in the way of going higher? In this teleseminar, Julia shares with you how to easily and rapidly move higher on the vibrational ladder to joy by working with your emotions--no matter how counterproductive they seem--and not against them.

Vibrational Management
(sample length: 137 sec.)
$6 downloadable MP3

Change Your Frequency, Change Your Life!
The overall vibrational frequency at which you are operating at any given moment determines what you experience.  Learn what is required to raise your frequency up to the level where your experience is one of joy, awareness, empowerment, ease, and peace!

Change Your Frequency, Change Your Life
(sample length: 116 sec.)
$6 downloadable MP3

All You Need Is Love: The Key to Having It All
The Beatles had it right. All we need is Love. So simple, our ego-minds dismiss it and move along to something more complex! But while we seek here, there and yon for the magic formula to make all our dreams come true, the truth is, we already have it. It is not just a part of us, it is Who We Are.

All You Need Is Love: The Key to Having It All
(sample length: 124 sec.)
$6 downloadable MP3

Got A Problem? Raise Your Frequency! The Remarkable Problem-Solving Function the Creator Built Into The Divine Design
Raising your frequency is the solution—now, what was your problem? This eye-opening teleseminar will enlighten you about the remarkable, problem-solving function the Creator built into the Divine Design, and provide techniques for activating its magic to solve—or dissolve—your problems and begin consciously creating a trouble-free life!
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Got a Problem? Raise Your Frequency!
(sample length: 108 sec.)
$6 downloadable MP3

Loosening the Grip of Shoulds, Ought-Tos, and Supposed-Tos: Reclaiming Your Energy Autonomy for A Greater Flow of Life Force
"Shoulds," "ought tos," and "supposed tos" are expectations. Expectations are entirely of the ego. When we invest our precious life essence in living up to the expectations of self and others—either real expectations or imagined ones—we remove ourselves from the free flow of Love/Life Force, and end up depleted and at lower frequency. (Can you spell "resentment"?!) In this seminar, we examine the various faces of expectation, and look at graceful ways to extricate ourselves from their trap so that we can stay in the flow, keep our frequency elevated, and maintain harmony within ourselves and with others.
Loosening the Grip of Shoulds
(sample length: 119 sec.)
$6 downloadable MP3

The Only Safe Place: How to Align With the Divine Design for Ease, Harmony, Joy, and Peace
Our universe operates from a primary matrix and a sub-matrix. At this point in time, the sub-matrix, duality, is prevalent in the Earth experience, but it is not the one that will ever offer us the peace, harmony, joy, or safety that we long for. The primary matrix, also known as the Unified Field of Oneness, or the Divine Design for Wholeness and Harmony, is where the qualities we seek reside and where we must go if we want to experience them. Learn how to access this primary matrix to make life on Planet Earth more harmonious-despite whatever may be going on in the realm of duality!

The Only Safe Place
(sample length: 94 sec.)
$6 downloadable MP3

Coming Out of Earth-Induced Amnesia: Empower Your Life by Remembering Who You Really Are and Where You Fit In the Divine Design
Ralph Waldo Emerson said, "Oh, man! There is no planet, sun, or star could hold you, if you but knew what you are." Indeed, you have glimpses of a Self that is greater than the mundane identity you've assumed as a planetary citizen, and suspect you are more than you know. You are! Your true identity is divine, and when you understand where you fit in the scheme of things, and how to remember Who You Are more consistently, you open yourself to a new level of expression and experience.

Coming Out of Earth Induced Amnesia
(sample length: 91 sec.)
$6 downloadable MP3

Your Spirit's Language: How to Tell Who's Who in Your Inner (and Outer) Conversations for Greater Alignment
You know that listening to and following your divine guidance is the path to a smoother, more joyful existence, but do you ever have trouble telling the difference between when God In You is speaking, and when it's your ego or some other lesser aspect of yourself horning in on the conversation, steering you wrong? Or, discerning when advice coming from another person is really God trying to get your attention, or just you, giving away your power?

Learn how to determine which information is coming from the higher levels of wisdom and integrity, and when you should just say, "No thanks!" to what you're hearing and tune your receiver to a higher-frequency station.

Your Spirit's Language
(sample length: 116 sec.)
$6 downloadable MP3

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