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Super-Charge Your Dream!

Have you got a big dream you could use some help in bringing to fruition?

If you've ever wished to have an empowering partner to assist you in super-charging your dream, I am now offering special private sessions to help you birth your dream into its full glory!

Wherever you are in the process of seeing your dream come true, I will help you move forward in the most powerful way possible. Depending on what Spirit guides us to focus on, your session will include:

  • Clarifying what it is you truly desire at all levels of your being
  • Fine-tuning your dream to align it more fully with your life purpose
  • Identifying and dissolving inner blockages to the birth of your dream
  • Creating effective affirmations to activate your dream more dynamically
  • Formulating practical strategies to move things along
  • Visualizing your desired outcome more vividly
  • Focusing energy in a powerful way to activate your dream's manifestation

And more!

"As a healer and mentor for other spiritually gifted women solopreneurs, I really appreciate getting spiritual and intuitive mentoring that carries powerful healing energy. That's why I reached out to Julia for a Super-Charge Your Dream session.

I've had an attunement with Julia before, which was fantastic, and at this point I wanted spiritual guidance to help me integrate the teachings I got from my mastermind and VIP day with my business coaches. I was feeling overwhelmed with the "nuts and bolts" of business, and needed an infusion of spirit to help me settle with it all.

The information I received through my Super-Charge Your Dream session helped me to prepare for a massive personal energy shift (and the session itself had a hand in the shift!) and unexpected spiritual initiation. Now I feel calm and ready for the next chapter as I was able to make an empowered major business decision that I know is going to catapult me and my business forward.

Thank You, Julia, for the powerful work you do!"

Brenda MacIntyre, Toronto Canada

Make an Appointment

To make an appointment for your "Super-Charge Your Dream Session," please click the "Schedule Appointment" button below.

When the shopping cart appears use the "Information for Julia" box to suggest at least two times when it would be possible for you to schedule the session.

Julia will follow up to confirm the schedule. Price includes a digital recording of the session.

Super-Charge Your Dream — 90 Minutes $288.00