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May 4, 7, 8 Winston-Salem, NC
May 5, 6, 9 Raleigh, NC

Intentional Joy: Systematic frequency-raising for optimal experience and authentic power

Julia will be presenting each event in each city (Lecture with booksigning, afternoon intensive, private consultations. For details, click city name above).

Lecture and Booksigning

Joy is the incentive built into the Divine Design that assures we will want to rise out of the "misery matrix," back to the vibrational level at which we were designed to thrive. While we have assumed that joy is an elusive experience that happens only when circumstances magically arrange themselves, there is actually a system for experiencing joy, and when you work that system, joy, and all the magic that comes along with it, is the only possible outcome!

Purposefully intending joy, and knowing how to navigate the path between where you are vibrationally and the frequency level where joy manifests in your experience, is not only the key to feeling sublime, but to health, abundance, wisdom, and authentic power. Julia, who credits her practice of intentional joy with vastly accelerating her ascent toward Self-realization, will share her unique insights on the Divine Design and the role of joy in driving the ascension of the individual, of humanity, and of Planet Earth.

Afternoon Intensive

Learn the sure-fire system for getting to the "joy space," as well as ways to increase your capacity for staying there. In this very full-and joy-filled-afternoon, we will work with the "The Joy Formula," discuss strategies for transcending ego resistance, and practice frequency-raising techniques that will empower you to ascend the frequency ladder to joy and beyond!

Private Consultations

A session with Julia may include a number of modalities depending on what your Spirit is calling for. From channeling Higher Wisdom, to energy attunements, Julia will provide what she is divinely guided to. Feel free to bring special questions or concerns.

For Winston-Salem details, click here.
For Raleigh details, click here.

Monday, May 29, Monday June 5
Radio Interview: Julia on "Lights On with Nancy Lee"

Be sure to tune in for Nancy Lee's interview with Julia on Monday, May 29 (Memorial Day) at 11:00 am Pacific. If you can't make it for the live interview, it will be replayed a week later, Monday evening, June 5th, 11 pm Pacific, and then will be archived for 2 months. To listen, go to www.healthylife.net and click on the "Listen Live" button, or the "Archives" button after June 5th.

Nancy Lee is a noted spiritual teacher, clairvoyant, visionary who hosts a weekly talk show, interviewing well-known authors, mystics, scientists, philosophers, spiritualists, and authorities in many arenas of human potential & consciousness.

June 18-24, Greensboro, NC
14th Annual Southeastern Conference "Playing in the Heart of Spirit"
Julia will present a week-long intensive called "The Paradise Process: Keys to Reclaiming the Bliss That Is Your Birthright" Conference registration details available at http://www.southeasternconference.org/index.html For details on the class, contact us.


April 17, 2005
Celebration Fair
City Auditorium, 221 E. Kiowa St
Colorado Springs, CO
Featured Workshop "Recreating Eden" ($10 admission)
4:00 p.m., Sunday

Ascending to the frequency level where Paradise manifests is not a matter of finding the correct technique and perfecting it. The process of returning to Eden and recreating Heaven on Earth is uber-simple—in fact, complication is the very thing that keeps you out of that blissful state! Learn what is actually required for ascension and what baggage you must drop in order to enter Paradise. Julia Rogers Hamrick, who spontaneously re-visited Eden in 1982, and is the author of Recreating Eden, shares the security code to the Garden Gate. Your ego will not want you to attend this talk, but your Spirit will thank you!

April 25, 2005
An Evening of Recreating Eden with Julia
at the home of Catherine Jourdan
Winston-Salem, NC
7:30-9:30 p.m.
Call Catherine at 336-725-7304 for directions or more information.

April 26, 2005
Limited number of personal energy attunement appointments with Julia
Winston-Salem, NC
$44 for 1/2 hour attunement.
To make an appointment, call Britt at 336-765-8989.

May 13-16, 2005 "Joy Weekend" in Louisiana, including:
  • May 13
    7:30-9:30 p.m. Introductory talk, "Why the World is Depending on Your Joy" with book signing—FREE
    Baton Rouge
    Click here for details.
    For reservations or more information, email Ellen Kennon or call 225-635-0042.

  • May 14-15
    "Recreating Eden: Increasing Your Tolerance For Joy"
    Two-day co-creative experience with Julia
    Saturday location, Shadetree Inn; Sunday location, Hemingbough
    St. Francisville, LA
    Click here for details.
    For reservations or more information, email Ellen Kennon or call 225-635-0042.

  • May 16
    Limited number of personal energy attunement appointments with Julia
    Shadetree Inn in St. Francisville, LA
    $44 for 1/2 hour attunement
    To make an appointment, email Ellen Kennon or call 225-635-0042.

Here’s where we’ll be increasing our capacity for joy!

Wednesday, Oct. 5

Joy, Vibrational Frequency, and The Law of Attraction -- What in the World Do These Have to Do with the Garden of Eden? (Sponsored by the Abraham Group of Winston-Salem)

Time: 7:30 PM to 9:00 PM
Cost: FREE (Love offering accepted)
Location: Southside Branch Forsyth Library, 3185 Buchanan Street, Winston-Salem, NC. Go to Silas Creek Parkway between Peters Creek and Main Street. Buchanan Street is a "T" intersection across from the shopping center. Take Buchanan Street up the hill and see the large library sign on your left.

For more information, contact Britt Mittemeijer at 336-765-8989 or by email.

Thursday, Oct. 6
Julia is featured speaker at the October Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship gathering. Her topic will be "Living the Frequency of Joy: Reclaiming Your Home in Paradise." Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Raleigh, 3313 Wade Ave., Raleigh, NC Early meditation 6:30 p.m. (free), Lecture 7:15 - 9:30 p.m. $10

Friday, Oct. 7
One hour personal attunement appointments with Julia are available Friday afternoon and evening in Raleigh at the Whole Life Center (Wade Avenue at Ridge Road). To make an appointment, please contact Susan Johnston by phone at 919-782-6391, or by email. $77 per hour

Saturday, Oct. 8
Workshop "Applying the Technologies of Joy" 1:00 pm-5:00 pm at Community UCC, 814 Dixie Trail, Raleigh, NC, with time outside in nature if conditions allow. $44 To register, please contact Susan Johnston by phone at 919-782-6391, or by email.

Monday, Oct. 10
Afternoon personal attunement appointments in Winston-Salem, NC; details TBA. For appointments, please contact Britt at 336-765-8989 or by email.

Recreating Eden Out in the World, 2004

The launch of Recreating Eden at INATS West the last weekend of June was a great success. Julia signed 60 books in 60 minutes and made a multitude of connections with bookstore and spiritual center folks from around the country who are interested in sponsoring book events! At this time, plans are in the works for a North Carolina tour in September and November (see confirmed dates below) and Florida tour in January. There will be some Michigan events (TBA) in August, and Colorado events will be woven in throughout the summer! Stay tuned for more confirmed dates...

Sept. 4-6
Labor Day Weekend
Crestone, Colorado
Crestone Metaphysical Fair and Star Path Conference
Saturday 1:00-1:45 Talk "Recreating Eden: Our New World is Calling" with booksigning following

Saturday September 18
Dancing Moon Books
1818 Oberlin Road, Raleigh, NC
Free mini-seminar "Recreating Eden: Our New World is Calling!" from 3-4 pm
Booksigning before and after seminar 2-3 pm; 4-5 pm
For more information, call Dancing Moon at 919-787-2028

Monday Sept. 20
Phoenix Rising Bookstore, Charlotte, NC
Booksigning and free mini-seminar (Booksigning from 6-7 pm, free talk 7-8 pm, more booksigning from 8-9 pm)

Tuesday, Sept. 21
Reynolda Manor Library Auditorium (next to Reynolda Manor Shopping Center, across from Pet Supplies Plus)
Winston-Salem, NC
For more information, contact Catherine Jourdan by email: jourdan931@aol.com, or call 336-777-1444

October 15-16
Vision Quest Healing Field - Bookstore and Clinic
915 Manitou Ave #1B , Manitou Springs, CO 80829
Booksigning and free introductory talk, Friday, October 15, 5-8 p.m.
Workshop "Recreating Eden: Heading for Home", Saturday, October 16, 2-6 p.m.
For more information, contact: Vision Quest 719-685-3800

Friday, November 5
Dancing Moon Books
1818 Oberlin Road, Raleigh, NC
Free mini-seminar "Recreating Eden: Our New World is Calling!"
Booksigning before and after seminar
Times to be announced
For more information, call Dancing Moon at 919-787-2028

Saturday, November 6
Dancing Moon Books
1818 Oberlin Road, Raleigh, NC
Workshop, "Recreating Eden: Heading for Home"
Times to be announced
For more information, call Dancing Moon at 919-787-2028

Sunday Nov. 7
Charlotte, NC
New Directions Community Church Morning Service

Nov. 7 Sunday
Phoenix Rising Bookstore, Charlotte, NC
Workshop "Recreating Eden: Heading for Home" 1-5pm