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Winter 2008

Please feel free to forward this newsletter to anyone you think may be interested! If you'd like to make a comment in response to anything you read in this issue, just click here.

Something remarkable is preparing for birth: You!

Greetings friends! The magnificent, authentically empowered You you've lately been catching glimpses of, and have been so eager to fully embody, is emerging now!

Photo by Rick Hamrick

Your transformation has long been occurring, and things have really accelerated. This year—2008—is when you will perceive this Self with exponentially more clarity than before and have more and more of the spontaneously joyful feelings and higher perception that accompany the new level at which you'll soon be consistently operating. By Winter 2009, you'll look back and hardly recognize the prior, more limited version of you!

Enjoy this! It is not something you can engineer. You can consciously coordinate with this process and enhance it, but you can't consciously direct it—at least not from the ego level. Drop your preconceived notions of what the "finished product" is supposed to look like—they will only impede the unfolding of your magnificence.

Your Spirit is providing the template for you to fill out, and larger cycles are supporting this. Like the water that was transformed with perfect ease into the icicle in the photo, your strategy is to simply flow into a new form. Just stay in The Flow of Love, do those things that elicit joy, and follow the path of least resistance as dictated by the Divine Design, so that you easily emerge the magnificent, crystalline, radiant version of you that already exists vibrationally.

This transformation can, indeed, be very, very easy if you allow it to be—much easier than ever before. You'll spontaneously be shedding that which is not a vibrational match to the new You. Be aware that as more Light flows in and old patterns are displaced, they will likely assert themselves for a "curtain call." Don't attach too much importance to those times when you find yourself at lower vibrational frequency, feeling far from empowered or clear. Just know they're a part of the process, refuse to get caught up in the drama your ego wants to entice you with, and apply the strategies you know for rising up again to the joy space.

To sum up the task at hand: Choose to live in Easy World, act only as you are inspired and energized to, and allow yourself to emerge as the empowered, joyful version of your Self! What an exciting time! Here's to YOU!

Love, Joy, Ease,

Julia Rogers Hamrick

P.S. I'm going to be facilitating some multiple-session, small-group telecourses in service to the emergence of this "new You." See if one of them elicits a "yes!" from your Spirit!

In This Issue

Many human beings, particularly those who have glimpsed something beyond the ordinary consensus reality, have a powerful yearning to go beyond illusion and know what is ultimately true—what the true nature of being and of God is. I was recently conversing via email with a friend who has spent nearly two decades immersed in A Course In Miracles, who was totally frustrated in his longing to know what is ultimately true. He was downright angry that he couldn't seem to get to what he was sure was "the Ultimate Truth" that was somehow being hidden from him. His view is that things are going wrong—that we are trapped in a world of illusion that is keeping us from experiencing what is real. That conversation inspired me to bring through the following from Divine Mind:

The Truth About the Ultimate Truth

Consciousness—your perception of what is—and vibrational frequency are perfectly correlated. The higher your frequency, the higher and more inclusive your consciousness. Source is energy manifesting at the highest vibrational frequency. Source is ultimate consciousness, ultimate intelligence, ultimate power, ultimate everything. Source is where ultimate Truth is.

You are a focalization of Source—an inseparable aspect of Source. You have simply dropped lower in vibration so as to forget Who You Are. This is not wrong—as unlimited consciousness, it's a choice you made to experience what being limited is like. But if you've tired of that experience, there is, indeed, a way back to unlimited consciousness.

If you want the "Ultimate Truth," you must match the vibrational frequency of Source-Consciousness. The higher your vibrational frequency, the greater match you are to Source. Source is continuously radiating its essence. To match the vibrational frequency of Source, you radiate the essence of Source continuously and without impediment the way Source does. While you may have already grasped the challenge in this while still housing an ego, simply know that the more Love you allow to flow, the higher your vibrational frequency, and the less influence your ego has. You transcend ego by choosing to Love.

Source energy is pure Love. Love is intelligence. The more Love you're allowing to flow through you, the more intelligence you have access to. As humans, we are designed to be channelers / flow-ers / radiators of Love. To the degree we're allowing Love to flow without resistance, we embody the attributes of Source including the ultimate perception that Source has—what one might call the "Ultimate Truth." Flowing Love freely without resistance is how we let go of the barriers to our God-Knowingness.

Yes—knowing the ultimate Truth is a matter of allowing Love to flow without resistance just as Source does. When you achieve that, you will be operating at the vibrational frequency of Source. Thus, you will have the ultimate perspective and perception that Source does.

So, what prevents you from rising in frequency up to the level of God-Knowingness? What are some of the signs you're blocking the flow of Love and keeping your vibrational frequency at a reduced level? Ironically, in the case of being desperate to know "the Ultimate Truth," your very longing is keeping you away from it. Your perception of not having it connotes a consciousness of separation from it. That is all ego, and it's ego's job to keep you under the illusion that you are separate from Source, and that there is something outside of your Self to know.

If you are angry, frustrated, or making any kind of judgment about your positioning in the scheme of things, or about what is showing up in your reality (or non-reality, if you prefer to view it that way) it is a sign that you are not allowing Love to flow without impediment. You have let ego, whose most powerful tool is judgment, keep you from fully and constantly radiating the essence of Source, and thus, from having the higher level of perception that would allow you to see "The Truth." That you—that we—believe there is something wrong is a trap! The biggest trap of all!

When you make the judgment that something is wrong with how things are unfolding in your reality, you make sure that you will not rise high enough in frequency/perspective to see the "Ultimate Truth" because you are keeping yourself ensconced in duality. God-Realization is in the high-frequency state called "Oneness."

Frustration, impatience, anger, longing for things to be different than they are—those are all resistance. Those are all vibration reducers. Relaxation, patience, allowing things to be the way they are without condemnation or other judgment—those are letting Love flow so that your vibrational frequency rises and your perception—your view of things—is higher.

You do know the Truth. You are the truth. But you have (we all have) erected a barrier with ego to being fully aware of the Truth of Who We Are. Ego must be transcended in order to know what you Know—to be Who You Are. But you can't transcend ego through resistance—ego is the resistance master, and the more you resist, the more you're empowering ego and the more trapped you are. The way to transcend ego and escape the trap you've created is to just choose Love in every situation —just choose to let Love flow no matter what. Radiate Love unceasingly the way Source does, and all knowledge, all power, all creativity is yours.

If you desire to know the "Ultimate Truth," the path is Love, pure and simple.

Allow? How? Just Choose Not to Interfere with Easy World Experts Operating On Your Behalf

The Easy World Invocation goes like this: I choose to live in Easy World where everything is easy. And the follow-up actions are: breathe...relax...allow...enjoy. When you do these, you can watch the magic unfold! But some of us—most of us—are challenged when it comes to one of the critical components of this. We're not very practiced at allowing. We're not even certain what allowing means!

According to m-w.com, the closest definition to the meaning of "allowing" as relates to Easy World is "to forbear or neglect to restrain or prevent." Why in the world would we ever want to restrain or prevent the workings of the agents of Easy World? Why would we ever block Universal Forces, aligned with the Divine Design for Harmony, which are operating in support of our well-being in Easy World? Three guesses and the first two don't count. Yes—you got it—ego. Our ego-minds just don't "get" Easy World. They are hooked on manipulation, effort and difficulty. They are sure that nothing of value can be gained unless we are exerting effort; trying hard to make things happen; or, at least, worrying about things. So they either lure us into trying to control things, or they insist on fretting about what will happen if we don't! But those are exactly what keep us out of Easy World and keep us from experiencing the satisfaction, peace, and joy found there. Ego is not an Easy World entity. Ego is the sovereign of Difficult World. So in order to allow, it is necessary to be aware of ego's agenda, and simply opt out of its influence.

The beauty of Easy World is that everything is continually working together to support our well-being as long as we don't interefere. The only actions toward the manifestation of our desires or the provision for our needs that we ever need to take in Easy World are those which we feel inspired and energized to take. Otherwise, we just relax, do what catalyzes joy, and be alert for further inspiration! Any other attempts to "help" simply prevent us from experiencing the perfect outworking of things in Easy World. You can't experience the magic of Easy World if you are opting out of it by allowing your ego to call the shots. Whenever you are dancing to ego's tune, you are out of the Easy World reality and back in Difficult World.

Here's a logical analogy about allowing that your ego-mind may be able to appreciate and that you can refer to if ego is trying to jump in: Imagine that there is a task that needs doing and you are very clear that an expert is required to get the job done successfully. For example, let's say you need an architectural plan for a high-rise office building and you're not an architect. While you have an idea of how you'd like the finished project to be, you wouldn't dream of trying to do an architect's job because there are too many technical aspects involved that you don't understand. But you do know of a highly respected architect who is available to design the building, so you engage her/him to do the work. Now, do you try to jump in and do the architect's job? Do you bug her to death with your impatience? No—you step back, and trust the expert to get it done, confident that if she needs input or other action on your part, she'll let you know. Otherwise, you simply mind your own business and allow the architect to do what she's an expert at, expecting not only a successful outcome that meets your needs, but a result that will be even better than you could have conceived of.

It's like that with Easy World. Imagine that Easy World has a team of experts for every possible purpose. To handle all your needs and desires, you just turn things over to the Easy World team and allow them to do their job without intereference, knowing that if there is anything you need to do, they will prompt you via a clear idea and surge of energy to back it up (the inspired, energized aspect of taking action in EW). You just let go, do your own thing, trust in their expertise and devotion to your well-being, and stay out of the way. And know that when everything is lined up, you will see results—but not until then. Patience is not only a virtue, it's how you stay in Easy World. Ego tends to have a timeline in mind that may have little or nothing to do with Divine Timing. If what it sees going on does not match up with what it thinks should be going on, it may jump in and try to interfere. That simply serves to move you out of Easy World where Easy World magic is not accessible.

When you find your eager-beaver ego-mind wanting to engineer, control, force or otherwise be in charge, remind yourself that there is a team of experts working within the Divine Design for Harmony to take care of everything with ease. Say the Easy World Invocation again, and relax. Physically relax. Mentally relax. Do something you love to do just for the joy of it. Refuse to worry, to do anything without being inspired and energized to, or to otherwise interfere with the process. Allow the "EW experts" to do their jobs without interference, and soon you will have evidence of Easy World magic—evidence you can remind your evidence-loving ego-mind of the next time it wants to interfere with the workings of Easy World!

Eleven Major Hints That Your Vibrational Frequency May Have Dropped

Even the most spiritually devoted of us experience a vibrational-frequency drop from time to time. Here are some sure-fire signs that you are not currently operating at ascended-master levels of vibration and consciousness:

  1. You can’t be bothered to smile.
  2. Someone makes a helpful suggestion and your response is “Bite me.”
  3. Saying “Bite me” feels really good.
  4. You’d rather watch a soap opera than meditate. Or do anything else.
  5. You find yourself hanging out on political blogs and even consider registering with a new screen name so you can make a nasty comment in anonymity.
  6. You realize the smoky, stale-grease aroma of the neighborhood fast-food joint is abnormally appealing.
  7. You seriously contemplate drinking a six pack by yourself.
  8. You actually drink the six pack.
  9. You find yourself watching football and passionately screaming things like “Squash him like a bug!” and "KILL the S.O.B.!!!"
  10. Megadeth suits your mood better than Enya does.
  11. You find that every other word that comes out of your mouth is a four-letter word, and none of them is "love."   

So what to do when you find your frequency has dropped? First, stop beating up on yourself (that just sends you farther on down the vibrational scale) and accept that you are simply refreshing your memory on what it's like to embrace the "shadier" aspects of your humanity. Then, try the Step-By-Step Frequency Raising System to move back up the vibrational ladder. (And worry not—you do NOT have to like Enya when your frequency is higher!)

Will You Be Among the Chosen Few? (Hint: The Chooser is YOU!)

This February, 24 people are going to have the chance to elevate their perspective and transform their experience with the help of input from Divine Mind via two special telecourses facilitated by Julia. Will one of these "chosen" people be you? Check in with your Spirit and see!

A New-Paradigm Course
in Becoming Your Self
with Julia Rogers Hamrick

It's time at last to move into your authentic power! As the embodiment of unlimited Divine consciousness that you are in truth, becoming Who You Are is a matter of shedding the stuff you've taken on that is not true, and embracing much that you abandoned in your quest to experience what operating as a limited human being is like. Happily, that often-painful adventure in limitation and relative powerlessness is concluding now, and the time has come to emerge as your Self, the You that is wiser than you realize, more powerfully creative than you may yet comprehend, and blissful beyond belief!

In service to your emergence, I am offering this 6-session course which will assist you in moving to new levels of authentic power with ease. In past times, we've worked so hard for any progress we've made, but we were still under the influence of the "working hard is the only way to achieve anything of value" spell. I can say without any hesitation that we have reached a time of remarkable possibility—a time when transformation is far easier and faster than we have dreamed possible. That's what this course is going to provide for you: the opportunity to expedite your emergence, and guidance in keeping it easy!

You will not find this approach or this opportunity anywhere else. I am bringing through new paradigm information and energy from Divine Mind, and I am assured that it is unprecedented. I'll be channeling transformative energy (and so will you!), and the evolutionary synergy we will be creating together will greatly empower and expedite our process as well. You will learn and experience:

  • Who you really are
  • How your vibrational frequency factors into your perceptions
  • The way to embody more and more authentic power (without fear of "messing up"!)
  • How to overcome vibrational amnesia
  • How to transcend the lies you told yourself in order to experience limitation
  • Personalized guidance and support in moving through any stuck places
  • How to read vibrational information using your body's built-in monitoring system
  • What power tools you relinquished in your "Earth indoctrination" and how to reclaim them
  • How to recognize what is true for you
  • How to reclaim your energy autonomy
  • How to manage your vibrational state for ever-increasing joy
  • How to assist in the transformation of those around you (oh, so easily!)

And so much more.

$88 The group will be restricted to 12 participants to maximize the chance for personal interaction and full participation. If this is something that is speaking to you, please register a.s.a.p. to be sure your place is reserved. Please don't mistake the low price as indicating the value of this course—I just want to keep prices low enough that those who truly desire to participate can.

6 consecutive Thursdays, February 7, 14, 21, 28, March 6, 13, 2008

6-7:30 p.m. Pacific / 7-8:30 pm Mountain / 8-9:30 p.m. Central / 9-10:30 Eastern

(For all other time zones, please consult the time zone converter and use 9:00 p.m. New York time as your reference)

You'll receive an email with the phone number to call and the access code to use once you register and pay for the course.

Raise Your Vibration,
Transform Your Life!
with Julia Rogers Hamrick

The quality of your life experience is absolutely dependent upon the level of vibrational frequency at which you are operating. The higher your frequency, the more joy, ease, peace, creativity and prosperity you enjoy. The lower your frequency, the more problems, pain, confusion, and sense of powerlessness you experience. To raise the quality of your experience to levels you may not even have yet imagined, you just need to learn to manage your vibrational level and have a plan for doing so on an ongoing basis! That's what this interactive, small-group, 3-session course is designed for. It will provide you with:

  • An understanding of the vibrational ladder and a powerful, motivating vision
  • Practical instruction in how to systematically raise your vibration with ease
  • Personalized guidance and support in moving through any stuck places
  • A fail-proof method for moving rapidly out of lower vibrational space into the higher vibrational space of brilliance, creativity and joy
  • Hands-on experiences of applying simple, powerful frequency-raising techniques
  • A personal plan for managing your vibrational state, including an emergency plan for when you slip into "low-frequency amnesia"
  • A higher overall vibrational level and the wonderful benefits thereof!

$55 To keep this class an optimal size for personal interaction, only 12 people will have this opportunity now, so register as soon as possible to assure your place in the group! At this price, the class will fill quickly! Please don't mistake the low price as indicating the value of this course—I just want to keep prices low enough that those who truly desire to participate can.

3 consecutive Tuesdays
in February, 2008, beginning February 12

Great news for European list members and US members available in the daytime!
No need to get up in the middle of the night to take part—this class is scheduled for your convenience! 8:00-9:30 pm London time / 9:00-10:30 pm Vienna time;
In the US, classes will be held at 3:00-4:30 pm Eastern / 2:00-3:30 pm Central / 1:00-2:30 pm Mountain / 12:00-1:30 pm Pacific; In Australia, 7:00-8:30 am (Wed) Sydney time (For all other time zones, please consult the time zone converter and use 3:00 p.m. New York time as your reference)

You'll receive an email with the phone number to call and the access code to use once you register and pay for the course.

Power Tool: Crying

Crying is a miracle! It is a beautiful, wonderful release of all that doesn't match the vibration of Love. When you cry, you let go of energy that you formerly held onto and didn't allow to flow. This stuffed energy blocks the pipeline and prevents Love from flowing freely. Crying—letting go of this stagnant energy—is a loving act because it clears the way so that Love can flow freely through you once more and facilitates the experience of connecting fully with Source again.

I was doing a "#3" (the conscious release process, explained as Step 3 in the Step-By-Step Frequency Raising System) one day, and writing notes about it as I cried (what can I say? I'm a compulsive teacher!), and what came pouring from me was something to the effect of, "When you cry, you are clearing the path Home to Me. With every tear shed, you are closer to Me." ("Me" being my God-Realized Self / "Higher Self" / Source Self / Spirit—whichever you prefer.) Crying raises your vibrational frequency by releasing resistance to the flow of Love, narrowing the gap between your conscious awareness and the unlimited awareness and unlimited Love of your Spirit.

The crucial factor in whether crying is a beautiful, aware act of release and Homecoming, or a wallowing in self-pity and lower vibration, is your intent and your stance. When you are feeling like a victim and perceiving crying as weakness—something you have no dominion over, and resisting it even as you cry, that's not especially helpful and not likely to clear out that much. But claiming stewardship over your emotions and purposefully allowing yourself to release the stuff that has built up and clogged the pipe is sure to make you feel better/lighter/happier afterward. Doing it on purpose is so, very, very empowering.

Happy crying!

If you have not seen my Step-By-Step Frequency Raising System yet, check it out and look closely at #3.

Instant Frequency Booster

Give yourself a neck massage. It only takes 30 seconds to relieve a lot of tension you're carrying there. (Tension is resistance, and resistance lowers vibration.) If you're the anomaly who doesn't have a tight neck, help someone else and give them a 30-second neck massage. Nurturing others is a frequency-booster, too!

Celebrate Valentine's Day with your True Love: Romance Your Spirit

The relationship you have with your Spirit provides the vibrational template for all other relationships. The stronger the conscious connection between you and your Spirit, the stronger and healthier your relationships with other human beings will be. If you're longing for a strong partnership with another person, be sure that your primary relationship—the one with your Spirit—is as strong as can be first, and you will draw to you a mirror reflection of that relationship in the form of a relationship with a human partner. Even if you're already in a romantic relationship with another person, the principle still applies: the stronger your relationship with your Spirit, the healthier all your relationships will be. By putting your relationship with your Spirit first, even your current relationships that are less than satisfying can be transformed.

All that you desire in a partner is already yours in your Spirit: Unfailing Love, attentiveness, affection, wisdom, support, humor, fun, faithfulness, loyalty. Your Spirit is the perfect provider, giver of gifts, and initiator of the most romantic of gestures (what human lover and his/her florist could compete with a field of wildflowers or sky full of stars?). None of the things we consider to be signs of Love actually come from another person—they all come from you allowing more and more bounty from your Spirit. And the more you appreciate and give thanks for the bounteous blessings your Spirit continuously bestows, the more magnetic you become to those things and the greater the probability they will be mirrored in your human relationships. Besides, by accepting all this fully from your Spirit, the less needy you will feel, and the healthier the human connections you make will be

You and your Spirit are actually inseparable—you are One, so it may seem a little strange to consider your Spirit as an entity to interact with. The ultimate goal is to attain the God-Consciousness that your Spirit enjoys. But unless you have transcended duality and are constantly viewing things from the vibrational level of this divine You (in which case, I'd be surprised if you'd be reading this!), you can benefit from making a point of honoring your Spirit, relating with your Spirit as if it were a lover, and even doing what you really don't want to do with another human being: having a co-dependent relationship—with your Spirit!

When you are in love with a human being, there are certain customs you may follow. Try doing for your Spirit what you might do for someone you are smitten with, because it's always actually the Love emanating from your own Spirit, catalyzed by that other human, that you are experiencing! St. Valentine's Day, though created as a commercial holiday, has come to be a day when we officially declare our feelings for the object of our affections. Because our primary relationship is with our Spirit, what better focus for our expressions of Love? Even if you are in a romantic relationship with another human, consider making this Valentine's Day a special day for being especially aware of and communicative with your Spirit as well, and for allowing your Spirit to provide wonderful surprises for you. Here are some things you can do to celebrate your relationship with the true love of your life:

  • Write a love letter to your Spirit, filled with appreciation. If you feel like buying a card for this, have fun picking one out. After all, all the syrupy, co-dependent sentiments on the cards about undying love and such fit your relationship with the One that never, ever lets you down far more accurately than they do relationships with even the most wonderful human beings!
  • Receive a love letter from your Spirit (you'll probably have to take dictation—yours ARE your Spirit's hands, after all!) Don't block any words of appreciation coming through out of modesty or shaky self-esteem. You don't need to edit Spirit's words—simply write them down and bask in them as you would a letter from a human lover!
  • Go on a special date with your Spirit. Just the two of you. (Maybe it's more accurate to say the "One" of you!) Let it be an adventure, even if it is something as mundane as going out for a chai latte, or browsing in a bookstore—or both. (Bookstores are great places for dates with your Spirit as Spirit can so easily make books jump out at you with special messages.) While you're on your date, pay attention for special signs of Love and affection from your Spirit, like a bird perching close by, diamond glints of sunlight on water, a message on a billboard, or a special signal only you would recognize. Why not just consider all of nature a special sign of Love from your Spirit?! And be lavish in your praise and appreciation for your Spirit. When a great parking place magically opens, or the sun comes out, say "thank you!" with alacrity and great enthusiasm! Indeed, simply say "thank you" for no particular reason. The more you say thank you, the more you will notice to say thank you for!
  • Buy your Spirit some beautiful flowers, and since you're your Spirit's eyes and nose, appreciate the flowers on Spirit's behalf!
  • Give yourself a gift on behalf of your Spirit. Let your Spirit choose the gift, and you pay for and deliver it (you are, after all, the hands and feet for your Spirit).
  • Make Love with your Spirit. No, no—I'm not talking about that kind of love, though you can explore that, too, if you're inspired to! What I'm suggesting is to consciously, purposefully radiate Love from your heart center—not to anyone or anything in particular, but impersonally and unconditionally. Just flow love outward. When you do this, you are automatically receiving Love from your Spirit, as that's where it comes from. In the process, you raise your vibrational frequency, and you are closer to being a full vibrational match with your Spirit—the key to experiencing the true bliss that you have been seeking.

So go ahead—write on your calendar for February 14: "Romance My Spirit" Day. It may just be your very best Valentine's Day ever.

January's Free Teleseminar

Mark January 29 on your calendar so you'll be sure to remember to attend Julia's next f'ree teleseminar called How to Unlock the Gate to Feeling Great. This topic stems from Julia's own profound experience of realizing how she was making herself feel awful and what she did to change it in an instant!

On Julia's Blog

If you're not a regular reader of my blog yet, you might have missed some interesting stuff. Some of the entries I think are highlights are linked to below, but if you want to decide for yourself, just go to the main blog page and start reading! (Warning—there are well over three years' worth of regular entries there, so if you're easily addicted…well, you'd better make a pot of tea!)

  • Holy Tea! Find out about the super easy way I've found to cleanse my system, improve my health, and prepare for holding a higher vibration! I have written several blog entries about my Holy Tea experiences, and you can find a list of them here, along with the account of my latest discoveries about the tea and the Holy Tea Club!
  • My 2008 resolution may surprise you. See if it's one you might like to adopt. It's definitely not too late to get going on it, and believe me when I tell you it's really, really easy.
  • Did you know that when you worry, you are telling your God-Self that you don't trust Her/Him/It? Here's an entry about what I discovered that has helped me quell fear and empower myself to move ahead confidently.


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