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Spring 2007

Greetings, Friends on the Way Up!

As I contemplated the many beautiful Spring photos Rick and I have taken in the garden over the years and attempted to choose one for the newsletter, I felt called outside. So, camera in hand, I heeded the summons. As you might imagine from this photo, I couldn’t miss the apple tree in the backyard!

This is the same tree I photographed for the Winter issue, but you’ll see a completely different scene then and now. I love that it called me outside, as it had a powerful message for me—and for you.

Have you, like I, ever found yourself in the midst of a period where the energy seems to have dropped, things seem to be severely contracted, and been worried and doubtful about what was occurring? And, unsure it would ever end, without a clear picture of what it was leading to, expended a whole lot of energy doubting your natural growth cycles, making yourself miserable? And yet Spring has always come! Yes, we are cyclical beings, too, and understanding that is profoundly empowering. Expansion always follows contraction (and vice versa). On that you can rely.

My current self-discovery is that I have learned, at last, to go through these times with faith and confidence. Now, when I find myself in a period of apparent dormancy, instead of being upset about it, I am excited about the surprise I am creating in the unseen realms—about the beautiful new growth and expansion that will soon show itself.

While the apple tree may not have been excited for Spring, I also sincerely doubt it ever worried, in the midst of the long, cold winter it endured, that it might not be able to put on its annual display or that it wouldn’t be fabulous. So this picture is really appropriate for reinforcing that lesson for me. I hope it serves as a symbol for you, too.

Happy Spring!

Love, Joy, Ease,

Julia Rogers Hamrick

In This Issue

A Vital Understanding in Creating An Abundant Life: Nobody Deserves Anything

Nobody deserves anything.

Disappointed? Don't be! This may be one of the most important concepts you can wrap your mind around. It is a hugely important understanding to grasp if you are experiencing any lack in your life. Whether or not you have what you need and desire has nothing at all to do with deserving. It has everything to do with whether you are allowing it.

The notion of deserving or not deserving has no basis at all in Truth, and no reality other than that which we give it. In the eyes of the Divine, there is no such thing as deserving or not deserving. Source gives endlessly, consistently, impersonally and totally without judgment. The only one that withholds the flow of Life Force, Love, abundance or any desirable thing is the human ego.

Yes, the concept of deserving was concocted by the ego-mind as a tool for controlling—and primarily restricting—the flow of Source energy, the font of all forms of abundance. The criteria of deserving and of not deserving are just aspects of yet another form of ego’s favorite tool: judgment. Judgment is ego’s way of limiting the flow of Love/Life Force and holding us at lower vibrational frequency in the realm where it has power. The deserve/don’t deserve gimmick has been hugely successful for ego and is responsible for keeping multitudes of humans stuck in poverty and unhappiness.

If you are laboring under the notion that you must deserve something to have it, you are creating a block in the flow and not allowing the abundance of Source to flow to you the way it is naturally inclined to. You probably have standards in your mind for when you, or someone else, deserves something or not. Maybe it’s when you’ve done enough hard work, or you’ve been virtuous according to some moral code, or you’ve endured a certain amount of hardship. But none of these have anything to do with how much or how little abundance you have except that you are using them to decide whether to allow the flow or not.

All that we receive comes from Source through our willingness to allow it. The idea of deserving and not deserving the bounty that is always pouring forth from Source is a purely human device—a choice we make to withhold it from ourselves based on a faulty idea. Source is completely unconditional and gives freely; likewise, we are to receive freely and unconditionally. The more we align with Source and allow the flow of abundance, the happier and more prosperous we'll be. Dropping the notions of "I deserve" and "I don't deserve" allows us to receive all that Source has to offer.

Surrender: Fast Track to Manifesting Your Desires with Ease

I recently received this question via email, and since I had already been giving some thought to writing about the missing link to manifesting for this issue, it seemed that I was being guided to the topic and to answering the question in article form. So, here is the question and my response:

Jen wrote, “I am at wits’ end with my manifesting and even though I have tried tons of things there is something missing, a piece of the puzzle that is not coming together that is making me not get what I want…I need to understand how to surrender. How do you go about doing that and still believe you’ll get what you want?”

First, Jen, it is really important to understand that you are multifaceted. There is the larger You that is one with the Source of All (the ultimate You)—we’ll call this aspect of you “your Spirit.” And there is the ego-directed you that pretends it is not one with Source—that it is a separate, stand-alone entity.  

Likewise, there are two origins for your wants. There are the things your ego wants because it perceives a lack and it believes having them will make you whole, and then there are the things that your Spirit wants to create through you out of its overflowing abundance of energy due to it’s perfect alignment with the Source of All, and its pure desire to be creative.

That which your ego wants arises from a sense of need—a need to feel whole; a need to feel safe; a need to be stimulated, etc. But your Spirit knows you are intrinsically whole. That which it wants to create through you is something that it knows will enhance your sense of wholeness and support you in feeling authentic joy. And stimulation? Your Spirit channels the mighty flow of electric Life Force from Source—stimulation is automatic when you are aligned with your Spirit and allowing the flow!

That which your Spirit wants to manifest through you is called a “desire.” You might say that a true desire is your notice that Source is ready to create something through you. Inherent within it is the energy to bring it easily into form when you allow it. When you allow your Spirit’s longings to be fulfilled through you, you experience deep fulfillment and true joy. When you surrender to your Spirit’s will by letting go of ego’s clamorings so as to be available to your Spirit, you open the valve so that blessings can flow easily to you. And they manifest effortlessly.

An ego want, however, does not automatically come with the momentum and energy to create itself. It is not in full alignment with Source and so requires a lot of effort to bring into form. You have to generate the energy to fulfill ego’s desires, which is quite a task being that the flow is automatically diminished when your ego is engaged!

When you press for your ego’s wants to be fulfilled through you, you block the flow, and experience frustration. This is the definition of effort. If you have a less than warm happy feeling when you think of the concept of “work,” then you (like almost every other Earth-human) have experienced what it is to bring an ego want to fruition. If and when you do manage to summon the energy to manifest ego’s wants, the sense of fulfillment from receiving the object of your wanting is generally short-lived.

The key, then, is to surrender to your Spirit so that the infinite blessings being generated by Source can flow freely to you. It’s not that ego’s wants are not of Source—everything is of Source—it’s simply that if whatever it is isn’t in alignment with the Divine Design for Harmony and your own place in it, it is not a natural vibrational match for you and thus requires making adjustments to bring it into your reality.

But as you become more and more surrendered and aligned with your Spirit, that which you experience the urge to manifest will perfectly match up with the amazing blessings that your Spirit is ready to pour forth for you—blessings that fit perfectly with the Divine Design for Harmony, making manifesting your desires easier and easier, in synch with Divine Timing.

Our culture views surrender as a weakness—a failing—but when it comes to surrendering to your Spirit, nothing could be further from the truth. Surrender simply means letting go of your personal, ego-based will to align with your Spirit’s will for you. It is an opening of the valve so that Source energy can flow freely to you. If it helps, you can simply think of “surrender” as “allowing.”

Your Spirit wants even more for you than your ego-restricted mind can fathom. That which it longs to bring forth through you is nothing less than everything you could truly want! When you surrender to your Spirit, whatever is truly in alignment for you and will be supportive of you experiencing authentic joy has an unblocked pipe to flow to you through.

So, Jen, when you surrender—truly surrender to your Spirit, the aspect of you that is aligned with the Source of All—you will open the pipeline to your heart’s desires. Granted, they may not be what your ego thought you wanted: they’ll be far more wondrous and supportive of your joy! Your ego only has access to the lower-grade, over-priced catalog of its limited imagination and means, but your Spirit has direct access to every amazing, fantastic, desirable thing in the Universe, and knows exactly what will be the perfect match for you! And it’s all free—you just have to open to allowing it.

For more on your Spirit and how to surrender to it, refer to chapters 4 and 5 of Recreating Eden. You may also benefit from reading my article “Why Don’t You Just Give Up?

Instant Frequency Boosters

This issue’s instant frequency boosters come from ideas shared on the Easy World Forum as ways to move back into Easy World when Difficult World has seduced you to lower vibrational frequency.

Ascended Master Assistance

When you are in need of a boost back up to the stress-free zone of Easy World, imagine that your favorite ascended master (Quan Yin, Mother Mary, Buddha, Jesus/Sananda, etc.) lays her or his hands on your shoulders and transmits calm and energy to you. I like to imagine getting a little shoulder massage from them, too! (Thanks to Lisa Martin for this wonderfully effective IFB!)

With the Free-flowing Ease of Spirit

When I went to church at Unity of Raleigh (in North Carolina), back in the 1980s, we had an interim minister named Onita Meyer, who taught us her secret to handling any difficulty she encountered. Let’s say she wanted to thread a needle. In order to move into the space where she could easily get the thread inserted in the tiny needle’s eye, she would say, “I thread this needle with the free-flowing ease of Spirit,” and, voila, the thread would go right through. I have used this powerful little mantra with challenges large and small, and works like magic! Thanks, Onita!

I Live in Easy World

There may be no more powerful instant frequency booster than declaring “I live in Easy World, where everything is easy.” Doing so moves you into the parallel reality where effortless efficiency is the modus operandi, and joy is the feeling effect. Ease and joy? You know you’re at higher vibrational frequency as that is the only place they manifest! If you haven’t visited ILiveInEasyWorld.com yet, you’ll definitely want to do so!

Power Tool: Physical Expressiveness

Physical Expressiveness is one of your Qualities of Origin, the characteristics or “tools” you were born with for keeping Life Force moving through you at optimal levels. If you want to keep your vibrational frequency high, then moving your body is key.

Here is what Recreating Eden says about this vital quality and how we came to repress it:

Physical Expressiveness is trained out of us to a greater or lesser degree early on. “Sit down and be still” is one of the most often-employed commands given by parents to children who are simply moving in response to the powerful energy flowing through them.

Your body is a kinetic masterpiece. It is designed to MOVE, and when it does not, it suffers greatly. Remember how it was when so much energy was coursing through you that you were in almost perpetual motion—running, jumping, twirling, dancing—and you were not at all self-conscious about the way you moved your body?

Put on some lively music for a group of children and they spontaneously begin to dance, allowing their bodies to freely respond to the music. Do this with a group of adults—even encourage them to dance—and watch how self-consciously they move, if at all!

Of course, much of this is due to the fear of what others will think, which is just a version of ignoring the voice of Spirit within in deference to external authority—the almighty opinion of others. To be healthy and free, and move energy in the way you were intended to, you need to be able to respond freely to the movement of energy in and through you, channeling it in constructive ways.

Though we’ve been trained to deny and ignore our urges to move, we can become aware again and learn to honor this primal need. Begin to pay attention to and heed the urge to move in response to the energy that is wanting to express through your physical body. The more you allow this expression, the higher your vibrational frequency and the greater your joy, wisdom, and creativity!

If you are not quite ready to break out in spontaneous dance in public, just be sure you are regularly moving energy in a physical way. Exercise is extremely empowering in unblocking the flow of energy to raise your vibration, so finding something that fits for you—and doing it regularly—is vital. And because dance is such an effective way to get the flow going, having a private dance party—just you and your favorite tunes—is an easy and fun strategy to raise your frequency!

My Facelift

Okay—not MY facelift, but my website’s facelift! Have you visited my main website lately? If not, you may not have seen its new look! Since I’ve branched out and am doing lots of different things these days, I decided to re-focus it from Recreating Eden to my name, the one common factor in all that I do. While getting it changed over to www.juliarogershamrick.com, I decided a little freshening up was in order, and that some new movement at the top of the page would be appropriate and representative of the movement in my life.

Thanks to Ben Kelson of Kelson Media, a friend from the Easy World Forum, I got exactly the Flash animation I was envisioning. You can see it as each page opens, and also if you use your mouse to pass over the logo. (to activate the mouseover capability, you’ll need to click on the logo if you have Internet Explorer as your browser) For the Easy World story of connecting with Ben, see “Flash animation in Easy World.”

And the winner IS…um…will be…

The winner of the drawing for an Easy World Affirmation Mug will be announced on the ILiveInEasyWorld home page tomorrow, May 2, so check by to see whose vibrational state is most in alignment with winning it! If it’s not you, but you’re in vibrational harmony with simply having one, you can always buy one for yourself at the Easy World Boutique to help you affirm your way to greater happiness, health, wealth, wisdom, fitness, and strength! If your order totals $20 or more (there are all kinds of cool Easy World items there!), use the following discount code for $5 off at checkout (thru May 6) GASHESMARGIN

Coming Attractions (that really takes on a new meaning once you know about LOA, doesn’t it?!)

Julia On the Radio

I will be the guest of Kala on her metaphysical talk show, Explore Your Spirit,  that features enlightening shows with world renowned authors, artists, teachers, and researchers on metaphysical, spiritual and paranormal topics and new discoveries in the scientific and spiritual arenas. 

Her interview with me will be released on Friday, June 29th, so visit www.ExploreYourSpirit.com and listen to the show via mp3 or streaming audio, or subscribe to Explore Your Spirit with Kala on Apple iTunes to have the show downloaded onto your iPod. The show will be archived on Explore Your Spirit for one year from the release date and is free to access, download and listen to anytime throughout this year.

May’s F’ree Teleseminar

This month’s f’ree teleseminar will be on May 22 and the topic is Everyday, Effortless, Easy World Magic. For more details, click on the title.

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