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Three Hallmarks of Spiritual Maturity

When you reach a certain point in your spiritual maturity, you demonstrate more of the characteristics of enlightenment. As you ascend in vibrational frequency and mastery, you take on more of the qualities ascribed to God such as profound wisdom, creatorship, and loving without conditions. You become aware that you are far greater than you had thought, and that you are far more powerful. Your definition of “you” expands dramatically, and you behave accordingly. Here are three qualities you embody when you are spiritually mature:

You take full responsibility for everything that occurs in your reality. You’ve reached the level of consciousness that allows you to truly see that you are the Creator of all that you experience, and that, whether you created something out of awareness, or by default without realizing what you were doing, it is all your creation. You know that you are manifesting your life through the vibration you foster, and to change your manifestations, you simply adjust your vibration. You understand that when you stay centered in Love, and your predominant vibration is joy, your manifestations are pleasing.

You allow all and no longer need to be right. You see through the eyes of Wisdom and understand that there are as many perceptions about what is Truth as there are people to have them, and that is just as it is designed to be. You realize that everyone is having the experience of being human on behalf of God, All That Is, and that nothing anyone can do can possibly be excluded from All That Is. You know that diversity of form and of thought serves God’s desire for a complete knowing of Itself and of Its potential by providing an infinite variety of experience. You understand that ego is the one that needs to judge and be right, that needs to exclude, and that needs validation, and you are happy to rise above it by accepting all as being simply the way it is. Period.

You are committed to unconditional radiance. Your greatest desire is that Love from Source continuously flows unimpeded through you, radiates from you, and returns to Source. You know that this is the key to experiencing ease, peace, harmony, and bliss. Your intention in this regard includes offering no resistance to the Flow, and embracing even your ego in the knowledge that it is simply doing what it is designed to do. When someone’s ego summons your own ego and invites you out of the Flow, you know to simply say, “No, thank you,” because you know that nothing is more important—or more empowering—than being in alignment with Source and radiating Love unconditionally.

Julia Rogers Hamrick has been a spiritual-growth facilitator since the mid-1980s, and is the author of Choosing Easy World and Recreating Eden. Julia teaches about the relationship between vibrational frequency and experience.