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Save the Planet with Your Joy!

Your own level of frequency raises or lowers the overall frequency of humanity, and because being at higher frequency equals the experience of joy, it is literally true that in order to raise up the world and deliver it from suffering, it is imperative that you are joyful! And most people think saving the world requires sacrifice and suffering! In fact, the very opposite is true. Indeed, the most magnanimous—and effective—thing you can possibly do for the planet and its inhabitants is to raise your frequency up out of pain and struggle to that of peace, joy, and ease so that the collective joy-level increases, thus lifting all out of pain and struggle. What a grand plan! We are personally rewarded beyond measure for doing what needs to be done. It is built into the Creator’s Design.

Now, joy may be the last thing you spontaneously experience when you learn of some of the perverse things that are going on here on Planet Earth, and of the distressing things that are happening in the lives of people you know and care personally for, but please understand I’m not suggesting you are to be joyful about the inharmonious things you see in the world; I’m saying we need to be joyful despite them. While this may sound cold and unfeeling, it is truly anything but.

When we go to the joy space, we lift our own frequency, and thus, the collective frequency, up. When we allow the horrors and sad events we observe in this world to polarize us to turmoil, fear and sorrow, our frequency is lowered, and thus the frequency of the Whole is lowered. Allowing the inharmonious things you see occurring in the world to take you out of the joy-space—or further from it—contributes to the lower-frequency energy that created it and sustains it.

The effective response to any undesirable condition is, first and foremost, to radiate Love—the Love that comes only through correct alignment with your Spirit. This not only raises your frequency and the collective frequency, it puts you in position to receive instruction from your Spirit as to what you need to do to further lift up and change the situation in a tangible, physical way.

Until you are more consistently dwelling at a higher frequency, it can be a challenge to go from an awareness of what is going on in the misaligned world—especially if it is something that is touching you or someone you care about—straight up in frequency to the joy space, but it is possible to at least feel peace—the peace of alignment with your Spirit—despite any circumstance. Simply release it to your Spirit to lift it up. Instead of adding to the disharmony by investing passion in it, bring yourself into proper alignment so that you can raise the frequency level of all. In time, you will learn to hold steady in your joy and the turmoil in the world of duality will no longer drag you down. Being joyful truly is the most powerful way to help to heal the planet!

Excerpted from Recreating Eden

Julia Rogers Hamrick has been a spiritual-growth facilitator since the mid-1980s, and is the author of Choosing Easy World and Recreating Eden. Julia teaches about the relationship between vibrational frequency and experience.