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How to Change Your World Instantly

If you experience any kind of dissatisfaction with the way things are in your current reality, you need to understand this very important truth: You have the power to immediately change your experience so that the reality you're perceiving is one you will like and enjoy more—one that more closely matches your visions of how you desire your life to be!

How? You radiate Love. You let love flow through you dynamically without resistance.

You can only experience that which you are a vibrational match for. By radiating Love, your vibration becomes a match for the higher vibrational states of being. Therefore, radiating Love will raise your vibrational frequency up to a level where the possible realities you're a match to feature harmony, joy, prosperity, ease, peace and all that you long for when you're at a lower vibration.

You see, the more Love moving through you, the higher you go on the vibrational scale. The higher you go on the vibrational scale, the more harmonious the reality you experience! And this is nothing to sneeze at: The more Love you allow to flow through you, the more Love you get to feel and enjoy!

Receiving results from radiating Love doesn't take long at all. One of the coolest features of doing it is that your vibration is instantly elevated and your experience changes just as quickly! And pretty much everyone can find time to do it—you only need 10 seconds!

So, how do you radiate Love? It's so very simple and easy. You were designed to do this and are hard-wired for it, but here are the basics in case you, like most of us, have forgotten:

Relax. Center yourself. Feel energy coalescing in your heart center (that's Love).

Feel this Love expanding there.

Send it forth like the sun sends forth it's light. Radiate it out from your heart center in all directions at once, like the sun radiates out from its core. Do not direct it at anyone or anything—simply send it forth. (Focusing on all the directions from which the Love is radiating will keep your left-brain occupied so your ego won't be able to interfere.)

Remember to breathe while you're doing this. Feel the Love growing with each in-breath, and feel it radiating more powerfully with each out-breath. Let go to the expansive feeling that comes from this and allow bliss to take you over.

Do this for10 seconds—longer if you're inspired to.

This is something you can easily do whenever you think of it, wherever you are, in any situation. Whenever you are not happy with what's going on, radiate Love. When you are happy, radiate more Love and go even higher!

Once you've practiced this a few times, try radiating Love continuously as you go about your daily activities, sort of like a program running in the background on your computer, and marvel at the amazing joy you'll experience! Radiating Love to keep your frequency elevated is part of your divine design, and, thus, the rewards of doing it are limitless.

I bet you have 10 seconds to spare for moving into greater joy. I invite you to try it right now...

Julia Rogers Hamrick has been a spiritual-growth facilitator since the mid-1980s, and is the author of Choosing Easy World and Recreating Eden. Julia teaches about the relationship between vibrational frequency and experience.